What is The Judgement Free GenerationTM?

The Judgement Free Generation is Planet Fitness’ philanthropic initiative designed to combat the judgement and bullying faced by today’s youth by creating a culture of kindness and encouragement.

Bullying has become all-too-common in today’s society. With our Judgement Free Zone® and No Gymtimidation® policies as a solid foundation, Planet Fitness is the perfect company to tackle this issue.

Our Mission

The Judgement Free Generation aims to empower a generation to grow up contributing to a more judgement free planet— a place where everyone feels accepted and like they belong.

Our Impact

We are proud to partner with leading youth development organizations to tackle the issue of bullying and creative positive, judgement free environments where young people can thrive.

Join us in combatting the negative with the positive.

Help us put an end to bullying. Together, we can and will create the first-ever Judgement Free Generation.